Friday, 21 February 2014

Lambs! Lambs Everywhere!

Warning: this post contains adorableness galore and may result in a cuteness overload. Read on if you dare.

Hello my lovelies!

Recently I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and playing with some little lambs and so I decided to bring my trusty camera along and capture some of the action!

I also got to name a pair of twins that were born the day I visited, they were both girls and one was the tiniest most adorable thing you ever did see.This year the names all had to begin with P so I named them Pandora and Paisley, which I think suited them both perfectly!

(I'm sorry if some of the pictures are a little bit blurry, lambs move pretty fast)

Meet Pandora!
Hello Paisley!

"Yum! This camera's tasty!"


"What are these?"

"This welly is tasty too!"

"What does this taste like?!"

"Do you like my bum?"

Om nom nom

"Time for bed!"


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