Friday, 29 November 2013

My winter favourites: Day 5

5. Tartan clothes
    I am absolutely loving wearing clothes with a tartan pattern at the moment, be it dresses, skirts or even shoes. And I feel that they are absolutely perfect to wear around the Christmas season because the pattern is normally made up of seasonal colours. These are my favourite tartan clothes to wear at the moment... 

   Tartan skirts
 I recently purchased this tartan skater skirt with a leather stud waistband from misguided and at the moment  I am pairing it up a denim shirt. I would usually wear a fashion belt with a tartan skirt but the leather studded waistband substitutes for one on this skirt!

£18.99 Missguided

I also wear a tartan skirt with a simple tucked in white t-shirt and long grey cardigan. Its a cute and stylish look!  And if its cold I'll also pop on a pair of tights because the outfit still looks adorable!
  Tartan dresses
I also purchased an adorable tartan dress while i was in misguided, I wear it in the day time for that cute girly look and I love the belt that comes with it! I'm most definitely going to be wearing it for a Christmas meal with the family!
£19.99 Missguided 

I also wear this dress paired up with a woolly beanie hat and a long knitted cardigan. It looks so so cute!

  Tartan leggings
It is quite hard to find items of clothing that match with tartan leggings but when you find things to match it up with the finished outfit is amazing. I usually go for a slightly over sized jumper which hangs quite loosely. 
£12.99 Missguided

As you can see the loose fitting jumper goes extremely well with the tight tartan leggings. Cute and cosy once again!

If you want to have a look at the shop I purchased these clothes from go and visit:

Well that's Winter favourites week officially over, do you want me to do things similar to this again? And don't forget to leave your suggestions down in the comments!
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Love you guys and see you next week ^_^ 

Thursday, 28 November 2013

My winter favourites: Day 4

4. Hot chocolate 
   There is nothing like being snuggled up in your duvet on the sofa watching Christmas TV and Films on winter nights with a mug of steaming Hot Chocolate. Or nothing like being snuggled up in bed on a cold night with your laptop and a cup of hot coco. And that's why Hot Chocolate is on my Winter favourites.
  Don't get me wrong, I still love my tea as much as the next Brit but in winter nothing beats hot chocolate before bed!
  I don't know what it is about hot chocolate but it just warms the whole of you up and tastes so good! SO GOOD!!
And I always, ALWAYS, top off my hot chocolate with whipped cream, mini marshmallows and chocolate shavings! Yummy!

But I am quite particular about my hot Chocolate and I don't really like some types and brands. I won't go through the ones I'm not a huge fan of because this is my winter favourites not my winter not so keen on! My favourite type at the moment is Belgian hot chocolate because it is so rich and chocolatey!

Stay tuned for the final day of winter favourite week ^_^
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What do you think tomorrows winter favourite will be?

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My winter favourites: Day 3

3. Slipper socks 
   Slipper socks are seriously like the comfiest things for you feet ever. Whoever thought to combine socks and slippers to create slipper socks was an absolute genius! and I know what you're thinking, 'Claire calm down, they're just slipper socks!' but I love them, nearly as much as I love my bed, not AS much. Nearly as much. I will never love something as much as my bed, sorry.

Ahem. Anyway...

I've never really like slippers, i'm not sure why, they just don't appeal to me! but my feet get really cold in winter and I don't like walking on cold floor so I needed something to wear other than slippers, and socks aren't comfy enough! So I had a look online and found so many slipper socks! It's safe to say my feet won't be getting cold this winter! I kinda went overboard with the slipper socks but, OH WELL!
  My favourite pair at the moment are:

These cute and Christmassy slipper socks are from Primark and I bought them because I saw them in a Zoella video and just completely fell in LOVE with them! These are AMAZING and sososososo warm, soft,and comfy! I love how the out side is kitted but the inside is fleece and I absolutely love the snowflake pattern too, they also really remind me of Christmas stockings which gets me into a real Christmas mood! They also have grips on the bottom so you don't slip over, which is good but I do like sliding across the room which I can't do in these, oh well! ^_^ And great news, my feet don't get cold anymore! Hooray!

Stay tuned for day 4 of winter favourite week ^_^
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What do you think tomorrows winter favourite will be?

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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

My winter favouites: Day 2

2. Candles 
   This season I have been absolutely LOVING candles, especially Yankee candles and a few of the Green Earth candles. I think candles set the atmosphere amazingly and are just great for relaxing in your home at Winter/Christmas time. They also smell AMAZING!
  I have also started using candles when I want to have a relaxing bath, they just make the atmosphere so calming and they just make baths a much more pleasant experience.
  My personal fave candles at the moment are:

Fair scented tin candle - Caramel apple
$8.99 (13oz / 368.5g)

These are relatively hard to get your hands on in England as 'Green earth stores' is an American business, but i was lucky enough to have a relative to bring me this back, I LOVE IT!!! It has such a lovely sweet but tangy scent, but it isn't very wintery, oh well, it smells great! 
  I also love the tin it comes in, its very nice and looks good anywhere!

Yankee Jar candle - Christmas cupcake
 £6.29 (3.7oz / 104g)

This has a delightful scent of rich vanilla with an 'overtone' of butter cream icing. DELICIOUS. Remember, its not edible! :D  It is a simple fragrance but it is very nice and it suits the time of year. 

Yankee jar candle - Christmas Eve
£8.39 (3.7oz / 104g)

I haven't started to use this candle frequently yet as it isn't even December but i have tested it and it is VERY Christmassy. It's guaranteed that I will be using this candle on Christmas Eve because it is just so Christmassy. Just. So. Christmas. It smells of sugar plums and candied fruits with a sort of smoky-ish undertone that remines me of a fire burning in a fire-place on Christmas Eve. Overall it is such a sweet and cosy fragrance which I am going to be using loads over Christmas!

Jelly Belly candle - Very Cherry

Believe it or not this candle smells like cherry, it smells gorgeous and it is very sweet. I love the jar it comes in too, it looks like a sweet jar and the candle looks adorable pretty much anywhere. Most of the Jelly Belly candles smell amazing but I enjoy this one the most. 

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What do you think tomorrows winter favourite will be?

Monday, 25 November 2013

My winter favourites: Day 1

It's now well into November and this post is WELL overdue, my Winter favourites!
  This will be put into daily segments due to the fact that i am very busy at the moment and I'm finding hard to post as much, but if I do miss day 2 or any other day of my favourites, feel free to spam me or remind me all you want ^_^ Well preferably not loads but you know what i mean xD

1. Woolly beanie hats 
  I love when it gets a bit colder because it gives me an excuse to wear all my woolly super comfy and cute hats, which i absolutely adore. I have so many I've lost count! They are so comfy to wear and they keep you ears so so so warm when its a cold winter day :D (And also if you're having a bad hair day, you can get away with it by wearing a hat) 
Here is my favourite woolly beanie at the moment :D
Womens Christmas Pudding Beanie
This an adorable hat which I couldn't resist buying when i popped into the peacocks store the other week. Its so Christmassy and I just LOVE it. I also can't wait to wear it at all the Christmas events happening where I live :D

I will try hard to get my next winter favourite post to you tomorrow, so stay tuned for that! But for now its good bye ^_^ 

What do you think tomorrows winter favourite will be?

Friday, 15 November 2013

What do you want to see?

I've toyed with many ideas for this blog and I really want to know what you guys think I should mainly dedicate this blog to? Do you want a beauty blog with the occasional advice post? Or do you want me to carry in with what I'm doing, random posts which I feel like writing?
  If you have any preferences or ideas please say :) I want to see what you guys think so comment away!


Thursday, 14 November 2013

5 websites I can't live without

Being a typical teenager i spend a substantial amount of my time online, and so here are my top 5 websites I can't live without...

5. Uncyclopedia
  Ucyclopedia is a spoof of the popular website 'Wikipedia' and is my website of choice for procrastination and entertainment in lessons. Its hilarious definitions have my friends and I in stitches every single time we visit it, so why don't you have a try and search for a topic you want to 'learn' more about! 
4. Facebook
  If you haven't heard of Facebook, where have you been for the past few years?! I see Facebook as Tumblr's annoying younger sibling with the added annoying  game requests from 'friends' but i do use it  to talk and stay in touch with friends and family. I also generally use Facebook as a procrastination tool and i always end up spending hours on it just to avoid doing actual productive things...

3. Skype
  Skype isn't really a website as such but shush! I use Skype on a regular basis to talk and joke with my friends and to keep in touch with my sister who is currently at uni. I love how you can video call and voice call anyone else on Skype for free and it came in very handy when i was on a German Exchange about a month ago, it meant i could have conversations with my mum and made the whole experience a lot easier for me! The only thing that annoys me about Skype is that they think that the close button means minimize, Gods sake Skype we want to close you down not minimize you!! 
2. Tumblr
   Tumblr is a very confusing website when you first join but after a while you get used to it. It is used as a blogging website but many blogs are... 'interesting' to say the least, one moment your dash will be filled with puppies and cute gifs but the next there will be gifs of Lana Del Ray with wasps on her lips and girls with blood trickling from nose, and they're only the mild gifs. Just a tip, avoid fan fics, especially ones with words like 'skin' or 'blood' in the title, seriously don't do it.
1. YouTube
   YouTube is practically my life, i watch videos for hours each day and i really want to start up a awesome YouTube channel. I watch loads of different YouTubers including Danisnotonfire, Zoella and Jim Chapman but i won't go into too much detail because i'm going to write a blog post about my favourite YouTubers soon  ^_^  I love the diversity of people and videos on YouTube and i think that the people who are successful on YouTube should be taken more seriously!
What websites can't you live without?

Check out the websites I can't live without:
Visit Uncyclopedia here:
Sign up for Facebook here:
You can download Skype here:
Sign up for Tumblr here:
Visit YouTube here:

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Welcome to my blog!

Hey guys!
  This post is just to introduce myself to you!
 My name is Claire, believe it or not ;), and i'm currently thirteen years old!
  My life essentially is Tumblr, YouTube and my phone, i know sad right? But i guess that's a typical teenage thing.
 I live in a country you may or may not of heard of called England, nope? I didn't think that name would ring any bells :)

 As you can tell i'm fluent in the language of sarcasm and i love using it, I wouldn't be British if i didn't!

This blog will be about loads of different things, from fashion and makeup, to YouTube and internet stuff, and just stuff i feel like posting!

I hope you enjoy my blog :D
Adios amigos