Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

It's officially Christmas!!!

I hope all of you have a brilliant day and enjoy yourselves!  But stay safe!

And I hope that you get everything you wish for and get to spend lots of time with loved ones!

Have a very Merry Christmas!
From Sprinkle of Claire

Sunday, 22 December 2013

The 'get to know me' tag: extended edition

I haven't really told people reading my blog a lot about me and so what better way to do it than with a tag! And as it is a tag, I tag all of you to do it too!

1. Do you have a middle name? 
Yes, doesn't everybody? Mine is Elizabeth :D Claire Elizabeth Nash!

2. What was your favourite subject at school?
 Well, I'm still as school but I'd say either German or Art!

3. Favourite drink?
 Tea! I LOVE tea! Typically British I know, but I can't help it, it's just so good!

4. Favourite song at the moment?
 Well, it's Christmas so Fairy Tale of New York by the Pogues! But my favourite non-Christmas song at the moment is probably Bonfire heart by James Blunt because it means a lot to me emotionally!

5. What would you name your children?
I haven't really thought about names but I do want 2 or 3 kids.

6. Do you participate in any sports?
Hahahahahahaha, no. Well, I used to swim and I can still swim more than 6000 metres but other than that no. I hate sport

7. Whats your favourite book? 
The fault in our stars, its so sad but such a brilliant book! Makes me cry every time I read it!

8. Favourite colour? 
Aqua/Light blue colour I guess.

9. Favourite animal? 
Llamas and lions. No, not because of Dan and Phil, it's a pure coincidence!

10. Favourite perfume?
Probably Ghost sweetheart, but I don't wear it very often, I just use Impulse body spray for school. My favourite Impulse fragrance at the moment is tease, which is Red Fruits & Woods, whatever that is.

11. What's your favorite holiday?
JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE ALL THE WAY!My Birthday, obviously. No I'm joking, its Christmas! I love Christmas, if you haven't already figured it out!

12. Have you graduated from High School?
Not yet, still at school

13. Have you been out of the country?
Yes, quite a few times

14. Do you speak any other languages?
Lots of German, a little bit of French and some Latin but only those cliche sayings, so Latin doesn't really count! Oh, I also know a few words in Spanish.

15. Do you have any siblings?
Yup, I two siblings, an older sister and an older brother

16. What's your favorite store?

17. What's your favorite restaurant?
Don't really have one

18. Do you like school?
I like school, just not some of the people in it. And the homework. And the pressure.

19. Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?
Well this is easy, Jim Chapman, Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, Zoella, Pointlessblog, Marcus Butler, Tanya Burr and Thatcher Joe. There's more but I won't list them all for the sake of time.

20. What's your favourite movie?
Naaaannnttss ingonyma bagithi baba! Sithi uhm ingonyama!
The Lion King!

21. What are some of your favorite TV shows?
The walking dead and CSI!

22. PC or Mac?
Probably PC

23. What phone do you have?
Sony Experia M

24. How tall are you?

25. Any pets?
Currently a house Rabbit called Sherbet!

26. Are you named after any one?
No, I'm not. Although my middle name, Elizabeth, was the name of my Grandma on my dad's side! ( Fun fact: I could of been called Clara or Cara, but at the last minute my parents decided on Claire, great decisiveness there parents!)

27. When was the last time you cried?
Yesterday, in the car on the way back from school. I had a really tough day and I also didn't want it to be the last day. Lame, I know. ;)

28. If you were another person, would you be friends with yourself?
 It depends if you mean i was still me, so there was two mes that looked different or would i  have a completely different personality to the one I have now? So confusing. Anyway I'd say no because there is such a thing as too similar but I do think I'm a good and friendly person.  Sorry this must be so confusing to read! Lets move on!

29. Do you use sarcasm a lot?
  I think I use it too much, but I can't help it! I'm just a naturally sarcastic person!

30. Eye colour?
It changes, in winter they go very greyish but in summer they are bright blue! It's weird.

31. Favourite cereal? 
I don't really eat a lot of cereal, but when i do it's either, Kraves, Frosties or Lucky Charms. I'm so happy they started selling Lucky Charms in England, I'm no longer missing out!

32. Scary movies or happy endings?
I'm a sucker for romantic movies, rom coms and the like but I do enjoy the odd scary movie! Just NOT the human centipede. I hate the person who forced me to watch that. You know who you are! If you're interested, I ended up being violently sick. Lovely, i know

33. Computer or TV?
Is that a serious question? Computer! It's literally a no brainer. Plus you can watch TV on a computer anyway. My life consists of Tumblr, YouTube, Twitter, Blogger, Facebook and Netflix, it's a serious problem for me but I love it too much to give it up!

34. Where were you born?
I was born in Birmingham and I lived there for the first 6 years of my life, but my parents wanted to move to the country side and start a small business, so we left all our family and moved to Lincolnshire. It's tradition to drive back to Birmingham on Christmas Day and stay there for a few days! Its the best!

35. What are your hobbies?
I have lots of hobbies and I am a very busy person, I have a passion for acting and singing and so take part in a pantomime every year. I have been in it since I was 7. I regret nothing! I also look after and ride a horse called Millie. I also absolutely love shopping!

36. Summer or Winter
As much as I love summer, Winter is always my favourite. The cold, crisp air in the mornings. The frost lacing the grass and bushes. The perfectly dark nights. The snowflakes dancing down to earth. The snow's crunch under my feet. Nothing can beat that!

37. Would you ever bungee jump?
Hell yeah! It looks so cool! I love the adrenaline you get from things like that! I've always wanted to sky-dive too!

38. Why did you start a blog?
Read the about me section, I tell you all about it there!

39. Favourite part about Christmas?
Definitely buying and giving people presents! Wrapping up presents for people I love never fails to get me in the Christmasy mood!

40.  Dream job?
Without sounding cliche or lame, this. Being a blog writer, and a YouTuber too! Probably won't happen but I can always dream!

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Five shops I can't live without

I do not buy from asos regularly, but when I do I absolutely love what I purchase. Asos is generally reasonably priced but some of the items on the website cost alot for what they are! I have been loving their Winter range and have bought a number of different clothes and accessories from them this season, plus there is a up to 50% off winter sale going on right now!

4. Primark
Everyone loves to have a quick pop in to Primark to see what they have in stock and only too often do i go to primark and come back with bags and bags full of clothes and accessories! It always has great prices and so many cute and stylish clothes and accessories! How could I not live without Primark?

3. New look
 New look is where I do lots of my clothes shopping, whether its for casual wear or party wear new look has it! They also have a up to 50% off sale at the moment, so go and ave a look on their wesite before it ends!

2. Boots
I generally get all my make-up and other beauty related products from boots because it is close to where I live and there is such a large selective of products to choose from. The price at boots is generally good and they always have some sort of offer on!

1. Lush
Lush is without a doubt my favourite store ever! I love pretty much everything that i have bought from them over the past year and Lush is absolutely perfect to give as a Christmas present for a friend or relative. What I also just love about lush is there gift boxes, they wrap them up so beautifully and with such care! Speaking of lush, I just got some Lush products delivered to my house the other day! Do you want me to do some reviews?

This is a continuation to the series 'Five ... I can't live without' which I started back in November, if you like this series please give it some love by commenting and sharing!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

10 ways to get in the Christmas spirit!

Are you not in the Christmas spirit? Are you feeling like a grinch? So why not try and do some of the things below to get you feeling christmasy!

1. Watch a Christmas movie
 It's December, and so it is guaranteed that there will be a Christmas film on the TV! And if there isn't, I'm sure you have at least one on DVD or Blue-ray! Christmas isn't Christmas without snuggling down on the sofa with a hot chocolate, blanket and film, so go and do it! My favourites to watch at Christmas are Elf, The Grinch and Love Actually!

2. Go Christmas shopping
  You can go out to town shopping or just stay in and go shopping for loved ones and friends on a computer! I prefer going out shopping because then you get to see the product in real life and don't get any nasty surprises when its delivered!

3.  Wrap presents
  It doesn't matter whether you're terrible at wrapping or are a wrapping pro, it's part of Christmas and wrapped presents look great under a tree! Try to be creative with your wrapping and even wrap it unusually so that the person receiving it can't guess what it is!

4. Bake cookies!
  Christmas cookies and biscuits! Everybody loves them, and they're fun to make and decorate, so why not get in you kitchen and bake some holiday themed cookies! You could make Christmas tree cookies and Santa cookies, anything you can think of you could make!

5. Eat chocolate
 Christmas is a time when you end up getting lots of chocolate from people, so why not eat it? It's yummy and makes you feel good!

6. Sing along to Christmas songs!
  It may sound embarrassing, but it sure does get you in the Christmas mood brilliantly! Have a jam to some of the Christmas songs on the TV or radio, dance around the room getting in the Christmas spirit!

7. Decorate your house
 Don't just decorate the tree, wind tinsel round banisters, hang a wreath on your door, decorate your fire-place! If your house is Christmasy, you'll begin to feel Christmasy! And while you're decorating, stick on those Christmas tunes!

8. Go to a Christmas event
 No matter where you live there is a Christmas event nearby, and so what better way to get in the spirit of things than going to one! I went to one close to where I live and I've been feeling Christmasy ever since! If you want to see what I got up to click here!

9. Write a letter to Santa
  It doesn't matter whether you believe in Santa or not, writing a letter to Santa or just a Christmas wish list helps to get you in the Christmas mood! I've wrote mine and if you haven't wrote yours yet, you better get to it seeing as there is only around a week til Christmas!

10. Write Christmas cards to friends!
  Its great when you get sent Christmas card from a friend and its also a great way of getting into the Christmas spirit! Don't just buy them either, get out the craft supplies and make them yourself! It gives you satisfaction and it also makes you feel Christmasy!

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Christmas Tree!

Today we went on an adventure to a local garden centre to find the perfect Christmas tree for our house! Just so you know we've never actually had a real Christmas tree before due to the fact that one of my siblings is allergic to them but this year we can have one because they've left home! Finally a REAL tree! WOO!

There was so many Christmas trees to choose from at the garden centre and it took us such a long time to look through them all before we settled on a medium sized, really nice looking tree!
  Even though it was only a medium sized Christmas tree it was still way taller than me and took so much effort to fit it in our car.

Trying to fit the tree in the car

Even though I absolutely love the smell of Christmas trees, it wasn't very fun having to sit in the back of a car, being squished by one! And at one point a creepy bug flew out of the tree and landed on the window, NOT cool bug, not cool! It had spikes and everything o_O

Getting acquainted with the tree :D 

It took us a while to get it out of the car, down the drive and through the front doors but when we had managed to get it into the lounge we put it in it's pot and placed it in the corner of the room, where it's going to stay  for around the next 2 weeks !

Undecorated tree in our lounge

Finally we could start with the super fun bit which I look forward to doing every year! So stick on the Christmas tunes and start decorating that tree! 
  We started as usual with the fairy lights and then added bows, snowflakes and baubles, this year we decided on a silver and light pink theme, because why not? And to finish it all of, we put the star on the top of the tree! Perfect!

This year's Christmas tree

I absolutely love our Christmas tree this year, but the question is, do you? Please tell me in the comments what you think of it and whether or not you'd like me to make a video showing what our house looks like at Christmas! 

*I hope I brought you a sprinkle of joy today!*

The Christmas Fayre

Yesterday it was the Christmas Fayre where I live and it really got me in a festive mood! So I thought I would share it with you!
Woo, I love Christmas!
  This post is mainly pictures but I hope you enjoy having a look through them! 
It looks so pretty! I wish it would snow for real!

A Christmasy store

 Christmasy stores!

Such a pretty tree!

A steam organ
Christmas stores
The town crier!
A view of the street

Christmas shop window

Christmas stores

The Nativity

Festive Jam

Dog's ears get cold too!


So pretty ^_^
Christmas lights
Christmas hampers!

Monday, 9 December 2013

Meet Millie!

Meet Millionairess! (or Millie for short)
 I train and look after Millie for one of my parents friends, and she is my little baby!
 She's four years old and only just broken in, I love her to bits!

I hope you love Millie just as much as I do ^_^

Oh and don't worry, this is just a quick little post to tell you  bit more about me and not a main post!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

My Christmas wish list

Well Christmas is only 17 sleeps away so I think its time I decide what I want for Christmas this year!

1. Lush products
  My whole family know how much I love Lush so I just want some more Lush products to enjoy and then review for you guys! I'm not fussy as to which product i get as I want to try new things, but I would love some more candy mountains and Luxury lush puds too! To go to the lush website, click here

2. Cards against humanity
  Cards against humanity is a party game you play with your friends, but it isn't a normal one. You have to make the funniest sentence to win a point and overall the game is just hilarious. It isn't appropriate for young children but it is still great fun! For the website of Cards against humanity click here, and to buy the UK edition from amazon, click here. Plus you can also buy expansion packs!

£20 UK edition

3. Good butter best Gift Set 
  Soap and glory has a lot of lovely products but i have never really tried any of their body butter before, so i have decided that i want to try them out this Christmas! I think that i will particularly enjoy Sugar Crush because it has very sweet ingredients and I love sweet smells! This product is also a great stocking filler! To visit the soap and glory website, click here. Or buy it from boots here!

£8.00 from Boots

4. Nikon D3100 14.2MP DSLR Camera
  This is something I would absolutely LOVE to have but I probably won't receive. It is quite cheap as DLSRs go but it is still a hefty £269. I have a real passion for photography and video making and so this would be the greatest present ever! (Mum, if you're reading this. PLEEAAASSEEEEEEEEEE) To buy this from Argos click here, it currently has £20 cashback! Or just visit the Nikon website for other cameras here!

These are some of the products I would love for Christmas! What is on your Christmas wishlist?

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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

I have a confession...

I have something to confess...
To all of you...
To you reading this...

I ate all of the chocolate out of my advent calendar! OK?
Please don't be mad! I'm sorry, it just looked too good! 

I am sorry and very disappointed with myself. It was too tempting, and I am a disgrace. 

I'm going to go and cry in the corner now because I will have no advent chocolate until next year. Gods sake Claire! Why do you do this to yourself?

I am interested to know whether any of you have done this previous years or have done it this year? Please leave a comment down below telling me! 

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Lush haul - Lets get festive!

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to meeeee, a lush haul and a shopping sppreee!
 Woo! It's Christmas time and what's better than getting in the Christmas mood with an amazing Christmas lush haul?

1. Melting snowman
   I'm hoping for a white Christmas this year so I can go and build snowmen in my garden, which is why I bought a couple of lushes adorable melting snowmen bath melts! The snowmen were the first product I picked up in store because I just couldn't resist them and I was instantly drawn to them! I even bought some for my friends as a small Christmas present because I think they are amazing! 

They are so cute and Christmassy and I just can't wait to use them when I have a relaxing bath, plus I love the design and they're also GREAT for your skin! They smell gorgeous and even the smell reminds me of Christmas! The snowmen are £2.25 each and if you want to buy them from the online lush store just click here 

2. Candy mountain
  Candy mountain is my favourite bubble bar from lush at the moment, it has a sweet vanilla scent and pink glitter is released from the bar when it is being used, so good! I would say that there is enough for about 3 bubble baths in one bar but usually I just use the whole thing, because I love bubbles, I love the pink shimmer and I love the smell, plus it leaves my bath smelling amazing! 

I like how it is modelled like a mountain and I think that the design and colour scheme look so good! I would recommend to all my friends because quite simply, its AMAZING! (As long as you don't mind have a little bit of pink shimmer on your bath afterwards!) If you want to buy Candy mountain from the online store just click here, its only £2.65!

3. Magic wand
 I actually saw this on one of my friend's recent blog posts 'Girly pamper evening' and thought that I should try it out. I am absolutely loving the design of it, it so cute! and the smell vaguely reminds me of candy floss or a sweet shop!

As you can see they are exactly what the name suggests, magic wands! I think that they are a great stocking filler and just look so good! They are such good value for money and I'm definitely going to be buying this product for myself again, (that is if i don't get some for Christmas ^_^) If you want to buy a magic wand from the online lush store for £4.95 just click here

4. Luxury lush pud
  I picked up the luxury lush pud for when I have a stressful day, it is a lavander bath bomb which turns the bath water a lovely purple colour! I'm not usually a massive fan of lavander because I feel it's too strong but I think there is just the right amount of lavander in it so that the smell is not over-whelming and also it leaves my skin silky smooth and subtly scented with lavander!

I am also loving the design! The top of it is similar to a Christmas pudding with holly on it and the rest is purple with colourful dots covering it! This is my favourite product for a pampering and relaxing night, i usually light candles when i use this bath bomb because it makes the effect even more calming! To purchase this amazing bath bomb, click here

5. Snow fairy shower gel
The last product I bought while I was in lush was a bottle of Snow fairy shower gel.  I don't usually purchase any shower products from lush, but I decided to change it up a bit and buy some Snow Fairy shower gel! It comes in 3 different amounts, 100ml, 250ml and 500ml, and i bought the 500ml bottle due to the fact that it works out to be the best value for money. It smells absolutely delightful and afterwards I can't help smelling myself, its just so good! The scent is quite similar to candy mountain, so candy floss and sweet shop, but it also has a hint of bubblegum, which just makes it irresistible!

The only downside of this product is it is only in stores for a limited time every year! So if you love it, you have to stock up so that you don't run out! To buy this amazing limited edition shower gel just click here! (100ml - £3.50, 250ml - £6.85, 500ml - £10.95)

As you can probably tell I love lush! And i think lush products are the best gifts for friends or relatives at Christmas so go and have a look on the website for presents for friends (and you!)
  Seeing as its the 1st of December, have you opened your advent calendar yet?

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