Monday, 24 March 2014

PROTW Superdrug Apricot Exfoliating Face Mask

Hello my lovelies!

At the weekend I treated myself to a relaxing pamper session where I tried out one of the face masks I recently purchased from Superdrug. I've been dying to try them all out but decided on the Apricot Exfoliating mask as it claimed to 'sooth and brighten skin - which is what I needed after a tiring week at school!

Although I was looking forward to trying this mask, I was slightly anxious. This is as my skin is very sensitive and in some areas quite dry, but on the packaging it says was 'ideal for normal to dry skin' so I was somewhat reassured.

On the back of the packaging it recommends applying the mask to a clean, cleansed face with your fingers and then after 10 - 15 minutes wash it off with warm water.

Before I applied the face mask I removed all my make-up and cleansed. After washing off my cleanser I dried my face and opened the packet! Whilst still 'preparing' my face fort the face mask I decided to cut two fresh pieces of cucumber for my eyes so that my pamper session was even more relaxing. I don't do things by half measures; especially face masks!

When I opened the packet I was greeted by a very strong apricot scent with an undertone of a nut of some sort. Personally I disliked the spell as I found it too over-powering but when I asked for a second opinion, my mother loved it! 
The mask had a very good consistency and was very thick and creamy. I usually purchase the gel type masks so this one was a bit of a change but I really liked it! The thickness of it made it really easy to apply and I could clearly see if I had missed any spots as it was opaque. I was also surprised to find that the mask wasn't the orange colour shown on the packaging but a very pale cream colour instead.

I had no issues when applying the mask and was very happy to see that there was an extremely generous amount of product in the sachet; in fact there was almost half of it left after I had finished applying it to my face! At first I was worried that the exfoliating seeds would make the mask feel gritty when on my face but luckily the seeds were very soft and hardly noticeable, especially when the mask had began to harden.


Once the mask had been on my face for a few minutes, I found that the originally strong aroma of the mask had subsided and I was left with a very nice fruity smell. I also found that after the aroma had dulled, relaxing was no problem at all and with scented candles lighted too, I almost fell asleep!  While the mask was applied I experienced no stinging or tightness, which was one of my  main worries due to my sensitive skin, and I could feel the mask starting to soothe my skin almost instantly!

After the 15 minutes were up and I was sure that the mask had set, I went to wash it off with warm water as recommended. This was the point were things got a little messy to say the least! I filled up my sink with warm water and grabbed a flannel that was laying about, I hoped to quickly wash off the mask and its remnants; if only it were that simple! When I went to wipe the mask off it just smeared all across my face and unfortunately into my hair, and I ended up having to spend around 7-8 minutes getting it fully off. Instead of taking a shower afterwards to get the face mask out like any normal person would, I waited for it to set again and then brushed it out. I was surprised it actually worked!

Despite the problems with removing it, this face mask was brilliant and left my face feeling fresh, silky smooth and noticeably brighter! My skin didn't feel dry or tight after using the mask so I just put on a light moisturiser to make my skin even more radiant!


Even now writing this, I can feel and see the difference in my skin so I am going to have to give it a rating of...

If you are interested about buying this mask or any other masks from the range just click here to go to the Superdrug website. Each mask costs 99p - which for the record is a B.A.R.G.A.I.N! And there is also a 4 for 3 promotion on them, so go over there and buy a few masks and have a pamper session of your own!

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