Sunday, 11 May 2014

DIY Face Scrub

Hello sprinkles!

I've been absolutely loving face scrubs and masks the past month but instead of going out and spending lots of money on them, I've been making them myself using recipes my mum told me about! The ingredients for all the scrubs and masks can be found in your kitchen cupboards and they all leave your face feeling silky smooth and refreshed!

Today I will be showing you one of the recipes I found out about, it's a natural face scrub made of banana and sugar that re-nourishes, hydrates and exfoliates your face!

You will need:
-1 Ripe Banana
-50g Brown Sugar
-50g Granulated Sugar


1. Measure out 50g of brown sugar and 50g of granulated sugar using weighing scales. Put a food bag inside the bowl so that you don't have to wash up the scales when finished.

2. Peel the banana and place on a chopping board. Using a knife, (doesn't have to be a sharp one) cut the banana into smaller pieces so they are easier to mash.

3. Put the chopped banana into a mixing bowl.

4. Using a fork, mash the banana up until it's smooth. Make sure that there are no big lumps as when applied to your face lumps are not pleasant!

It doesn't look very nice right now xD

5. Add all the granulated sugar and brown sugar into the mixing bowl and mix until they have blended into a paste

6. Apply the scrub by massaging the paste onto your face using two fingers.

7. Leave the scrub on your face for 15 minutes and once done rinse it off using warm water

This is one of my favourite scrubs to use because even though it can be a bit sticky it leaves your face feeling silky soft, hydrated and just plain re-nourished for ages afterwards!


I hope you enjoyed this DIY face scrub tutorial, I will definitely be doing more of these in the future.


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  2. Your blog is amazing! I have a blog too c:

  3. I really like this recipe! Banana is very moisturizing, and if you like bananas then this must smell awesome! Thanks for sharing! xoxo Lauren

    1. im glad you like it! :) It actually has more of a sweet smell because of all the sugar but there is a lovely hint of banana. x

  4. Wow! I'm loving that DIY facial scrub recipe. I love the fruity sweet fragrance of bananas and I'm sure it'll stay on my face when I use it. I've heard it's a great anti-oxidant too, so it will help revitalize my skin. What a great way to relax after a stressful work day. Thank you for sharing that! Stay beautiful, Claire!

    Vivian Jefferson @ Dr. Alan Burke MD

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