Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Wishlist Wednesday - Dresses

Hello my sprinkles!

During summer I usually stick to wearing boring old shorts and I'm definitely guilty of not being adventurous with my clothing, so I have set myself a goal to wear more dresses this year. To help me along with finding dresses I love, this will be a themed wishlist! I will definitely be doing more these in the future so look out for them.

1. New look cap sleeve floral lace skater dress - ASOS, £22.99
This dress caught my eye as it's a very floaty and light; perfect for summer! I would definitely wear it during warm summer days with a pair of gladiator sandals.

2. Mandi mint green crochet contrast floral print skater dress - New Look, £24
As soon as I saw this dress I loved it. The contrast of the block colour of the top half and the floral pattern of the skirt works perfectly and it just screams summer. The black belt which separates the two contrasts also compliments the dress brilliantly!

3. Peekaboo scuba skater dress by Jovanna - Topshop, £50
This dress is definitely more of a party dress than anything. I love the shape of it and although it's a pastel shade I think it would still look really pretty during summer.

4. Mini sundress with scoop back - ASOS £20
This is such a gorgeous day dress; it's basic and casual but I love it. There's not much else to say about it other than if I buy this, I have to get the flower crown the model is wearing to go with it!

5. Felicity contrast collar skater dress - Boohoo, £15
A Wishlist Wednesday isn't complete without at least one collared item and today I chose this one! The contrast of the vibrant pink with the white collar is so effective and overall I just love it. There were lots of other colours this dress came in but I decided for the bright pink as it was the most summery.

6. Light blue palm tree print denim pinafore dress - New Look, £22.99
I've never been big on pinafores, yet alone pinafore dresses, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are actually really pretty! I think this one would look lovely with just a plain white tee underneath and is great for everyday summer wear.

7. Yumi lace belted dress - Next, £45
I don't know why but I just really love laced dresses at the moment so that's why this has managed to sneak in here as well as number 1! Although this dress is rather dark for summer I think it would still look really pretty on a warm day.

 8. Wide striped flared dress - Zara, £35.99
I'm not really a big fan of how this looks on this model but when looking at the other pictures of the dress on the Zara website I decided I liked it. It isn't very summery but not all of the dresses on this wishlist have to be for summer, right?


I hope you enjoyed this quick dresses wishlist! Don't forget to comment and follow if you enjoyed :)


  1. I love every single one of those dresses! 1, 3 & 6 are my favourites! Great post :)

    1. My favourites are 2 and 6 :) thank you! x

  2. These dresses are just too cute. Lovely colors and style. You have an amazing taste.

  3. I love anything mint right now, so I am in love with those mint dresses! They're all so cute!
    xoxo Lauren

    1. I love mint at the moment too, i think it's because it's such a springy and summery colour! x

  4. my favorite is #7, the Yumi lace belted dress. Its super cute!!!
    <3 Kathyrn


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