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Creme Egg Easter Bunny | Tutorial!

Hello my sprinkles!

A few days ago I showed you how to make cute Creme Egg Easter Chicks and I promised that I would show you how to make the Easter Bunny too, and as I am one not to disappoint, here you are! Like I said in my last post I hope you enjoy reading, making and eating!

Click here to read the tutorial to make the Easter Chick

You will need:
-Cadbury Creme Eggs
-125g Marzipan (for each treat)
-Rich Tea Biscuits
-Yellow Food Colouring
-Chocolate Sprinkles
-White and Milk Chocolate Balls


1. Cut approximately 125g marzipan from the packet and then split it unevenly into three; the largest piece (which will make the body) should be about 2/4 of the marzipan and the other two pieces should be 1/4. The other two bits are for the head and for the 'details' eg. ears, paws and a carrot'

I used too much marzipan for the body and head so
that's why there isn't a carrot and paws yet :)

2. Squish the largest ball flat so that it can easily wrap around the creme egg, if you need guidence for this step just put the egg in the middle and flatten from there!

3. Place the now marzipan wrapped creme egg on top of the rich tea biscuit, and then place the small ball on top of that to make the head.

4. Now, if you haven't already, mould two ears to place on the rabbits head! Make sure that they aren't too tall because if they are they'll just fall off.

5. Push the ears slightly into the rabbits head until they are secured.

6. Your creation is now starting to look like a bunny so you will need to mould two small paws to go on the front of the rabbit. They need to be the shape of small ovals:

Now lightly push them into the front of the body until they stay.

7. Mould two larger ovals for the feet, one foot should roughly be about the size of the two paws. Now attach them to the bottom of the body and biscuit.

8. What's the rabbit missing now? That's right! A carrot! For the carrot you will need to pour 2 drops of yellow food colouring into a bowl, mould a carrot shape and then dip it into the colouring. Roll the carrot around in your palms until the carrot has equal coverage.

If you have any green food colouring (I didn't) you can pour 1 drop into a small bowl and dye the carrot top!

9. Attach the carrot to your Easter bunny! There's two places where you could put the carrot, in between its paws to make it look like it's holding it or resting on one of it's feet.

10. Grab 2 milk chocolate balls and push them lightly into the rabbits head, these are it's eyes!

11. Next take 1 white chocolate ball and push it into the middle of the face. This is the rabbits nose!

12. Finally, take some chocolate sprinkles and make the rabbits mouth and whiskers.


Step 13. is to tuck in! Hope you have a Happy Easter; don't eat too much chocolate :)

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