Monday, 7 April 2014

Spring haul week - Lush

Hello my little sprinkles!

I have been doing an awful lot of shopping lately so I decided to do a Spring Haul Week. To put emphasis on the spring aspect of the hauls I thought that I would take the photos outside, but obviously doing that is dependant on the weather so some photos are unfortunately indoors. Also, in some of the hauls this week you will see that I got a little bit over excited, but that's what shopping is all about!


A few days ago I popped into my local (ish) Lush to pick up some products from the new Spring/Easter range - but as this is me we're talking about so I bought (and spent) way more than anticipated! The Lush I visited was the one in Lincoln, which is a very reasonable size and has possibly the friendliest staff ever!

The first product I picked up was the Fizz Tank! The Fizz Tank is a tube that you store all your lovely lush products in so that they stay fresh and don't go off. The tube is also great for saving space as you can fit approx. 4 products in it - I used to have a whole box in my bathroom for Lush products but now I just have a few of these lined up together.

Plus, not only is it totally adorable, but it's also made 100% of recycled Lush black pots that customers return to store! What's not to love?

Bunch of carrots - £5.95

These super cute bunch of carrots are bubble bars from the Spring/Easter range! I very rarely spend £6 on 1 product but I felt that with these, you got your moneys worth. I mean you get 3 carrots so they are around £2 each - which is reasonable, and you can just about get away with using around a third of one for a bath. Just to prove it, I used 1/3 of a carrot for my bubble bath last night and I got around 5 inches of bubbles!

The scent is also amazing; don't be deceived by their carrot exterior as they smell very tropical. When I smell it I can definitely pick up the scent of lemon mixed in with other fruits, and also an undertone of blackcurrant.

The Ickle Baby Bot, as the name suggests is a bath bomb designed especially for young children. Now, before you start asking why I bought a product aimed at young boys let me just tell you what it's meant to do. The bomb is designed to relax and calm you before bed and also helps to look after soft and delicate skin. 

When I saw it was scented with lavender and camomile I was worried that the bomb would be too over-powering but they managed to make it just the right strength. Also, you have to admit the robot design is pretty adorable!

The golden egg is another of the products from Lush's Easter range; it's a bath bomb and a bath melt combined to make a 'glittering' product. I was a little bit hesitant about buying this as I had heard it leaves your bath in a terrible mess because of all the glitter, and I don't doubt that, but as it smelt so good I just had to have it! The smell is a delicious mix between toffee and honey and truthfully it's a real struggle for me not to eat it!

Here's a picture of what my hand looked like after taking the bath bomb out of the Fizz Tank, holding it for a photograph and then putting it back again. Just so you know, the glitter doesn't come off easily!

Fluffy Egg - £2.95

The fluffy egg is a bath bomb that is scented with my all time favourite lush scent, 'candy fluff', so as soon as I saw it, I put in my basket! Candy fluff is a very sweet smell that reminds me of sweet shops, and in particular two sweets:
- Pear drops
- Candy floss

The creamy candy range also use this scent and the very popular Christmas range, snow fairy, also has a very similar smell.

When I got to the till and paid the very nice guy working there gave me this freebie; it is 40g of coalface, which a gentle soap that can be used on your body and also your face. The look of it isn't appealing and I'm not a very big fan of the smell either. It is very strong and reminds me of liquorish but with an undertone of something else. Although the soap doesn't look or smell nice, it does do a good job. Whenever I choose to use it my face feels as if it has been moisturised, exfoliated and also just generally feels very refreshed.

This is a product I wouldn't of bought myself but I have to admit, even though it isn't the nicest, it is pretty good!


I hope that you enjoyed this spring themed Lush haul and will stay tuned for the rest of haul week!


  1. You got some great products, those carrots are super cute!!!

    1. I know! They also make a great bubble bath! :) x


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