Friday, 11 April 2014

Spring Haul Week - Primark

Hello my sprinkles!

The same day I went shopping in Lincoln I also visited Primark (or Primani as I like to call it) because I was in serious need of some summery tops. Unsurprisingly, by the time I went into Primark, I had spent the most part of my money, but as this is Primani we are talking about, I walked out with a couple of bargains and a smile on my face.

R to L: Daisy Collared Top, LA California T-shirt, Vintage
 Memories Tank, Coca-Cola Hoodie, 2 pairs of Frilly Socks

Frilly Socks - £1.50 each

I kind of have a tinsy winsy obsession with frilly socks at the moment and when ever I see a pair I can't help but buy them. I just think that they are so cute, girly and pretty; for the record, they are also really in this season! Luckily, (and unluckily) Primark had a whole two massive racks of just frilly socks. It's safe to say that I was in heaven and could have easily bought each and every frilly sock in the shop, but I restrained myself and settled for two adorable pairs. A dark blue pair with white hearts and a cream frill, and a baby blue pair with a knit pattern, little sparkles and a white frill.

Although I love both pairs, the baby blue socks are definitely my favourite. They are simple and dainty but are also really cute and pretty. I think the socks would also be easier to pair with shoes and outfits as they are not as 'in your face' as the other pair.

Vintage Memories Tank - £4

This was the first top I came across and as soon as I saw it I knew that it was the perfect summer tank. It looks great paired with shorts and bracelets and I think I might invest in a flower crown to go with it too! This tank also looks really nice when baggily tucked into high shorts but unfortunately I deleted the picture, sorry! 

I can't wait until its warm enough to wear this outfit without the tights as I think it would look really pretty, and I might also buy a long knit cardigan so I can still wear this on colder days. The only thing I don't like about this top is that the neck of it is a bit too high for me. It doesn't look weird, it's sort of a preference I have. 

LA California t-shirt - £4

I don't usually buy this type of t-shirt as they never really appealed to me, but the look and colour of this one made me change my mind. It has a really pretty design which features the sun setting over palm trees and is overall just a nice summery tee. I'm also not one for rolled up sleeves but with this t-shirt I don't really mind.

It looks really nice paired with high shorts and bracelets but also looks nice with distressed jeans/shorts and light acid wash skinnies!

Daisy Print Collared Top - £10

As soon as I saw this on the rail I fell in love with it and if you've seen any of my Wishlist Wednesdays you'd know why! Plus, everything about this top screams summer; the lack of sleeves, the daisies and the light floaty material. Staying on the subject of the material, this top is so soft and silky and seems to be really good quality; hopefully it is because I want it to last as long as possible!

Even though I do love this top, it was the most expensive top I have ever bought from Primark. Although, £10 isn't exactly expensive compared to other clothing retailers!

As you can see in all three images I have paired this top with a pair of dark high waisted shorts, but it also goes brilliantly with light blue skinny jeans and shorts with tights! This top can also be worn many different ways; it looks good hanging out, fully tucked in and also tucked in baggily so you can swap it up how ever
you like it!

Coca-Cola Hoodie - £10

I look really derpy/creepy in these photos -_-
This hoodie is the comfiest hoodie I have ever bought and I would quite happily live in it if I could. The material on the inside is fleecy and super soft, and isn't very thick so you can wear it on the less sunny spring and summer days. It goes really well with leggings, shorts and other quite tight items of clothing, this is because it is meant to be slightly baggy. Baggy things are always the most comfy!

Plus, Coca-Cola is one of my favourite drinks of all time so I don't mind walking around with their name on my hoodie!


Well, that was my Primani haul! If you enjoyed don't forget to leave a comment, I read them all and they make my day!


  1. so cute! i live in the USA, but I was in London last summer. I miss Primark so much!

    1. I don't know how I could live without Primark! And how does America NOT have one? x

  2. im glad im not the only one who calls it primarni ;) haha .. I love the daisy print top :) x

  3. I have the daisy shirt! I get so many compliments on it. Looks lovely on you :) xo


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