Thursday, 14 November 2013

5 websites I can't live without

Being a typical teenager i spend a substantial amount of my time online, and so here are my top 5 websites I can't live without...

5. Uncyclopedia
  Ucyclopedia is a spoof of the popular website 'Wikipedia' and is my website of choice for procrastination and entertainment in lessons. Its hilarious definitions have my friends and I in stitches every single time we visit it, so why don't you have a try and search for a topic you want to 'learn' more about! 
4. Facebook
  If you haven't heard of Facebook, where have you been for the past few years?! I see Facebook as Tumblr's annoying younger sibling with the added annoying  game requests from 'friends' but i do use it  to talk and stay in touch with friends and family. I also generally use Facebook as a procrastination tool and i always end up spending hours on it just to avoid doing actual productive things...

3. Skype
  Skype isn't really a website as such but shush! I use Skype on a regular basis to talk and joke with my friends and to keep in touch with my sister who is currently at uni. I love how you can video call and voice call anyone else on Skype for free and it came in very handy when i was on a German Exchange about a month ago, it meant i could have conversations with my mum and made the whole experience a lot easier for me! The only thing that annoys me about Skype is that they think that the close button means minimize, Gods sake Skype we want to close you down not minimize you!! 
2. Tumblr
   Tumblr is a very confusing website when you first join but after a while you get used to it. It is used as a blogging website but many blogs are... 'interesting' to say the least, one moment your dash will be filled with puppies and cute gifs but the next there will be gifs of Lana Del Ray with wasps on her lips and girls with blood trickling from nose, and they're only the mild gifs. Just a tip, avoid fan fics, especially ones with words like 'skin' or 'blood' in the title, seriously don't do it.
1. YouTube
   YouTube is practically my life, i watch videos for hours each day and i really want to start up a awesome YouTube channel. I watch loads of different YouTubers including Danisnotonfire, Zoella and Jim Chapman but i won't go into too much detail because i'm going to write a blog post about my favourite YouTubers soon  ^_^  I love the diversity of people and videos on YouTube and i think that the people who are successful on YouTube should be taken more seriously!
What websites can't you live without?

Check out the websites I can't live without:
Visit Uncyclopedia here:
Sign up for Facebook here:
You can download Skype here:
Sign up for Tumblr here:
Visit YouTube here:

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