Tuesday, 26 November 2013

My winter favouites: Day 2

2. Candles 
   This season I have been absolutely LOVING candles, especially Yankee candles and a few of the Green Earth candles. I think candles set the atmosphere amazingly and are just great for relaxing in your home at Winter/Christmas time. They also smell AMAZING!
  I have also started using candles when I want to have a relaxing bath, they just make the atmosphere so calming and they just make baths a much more pleasant experience.
  My personal fave candles at the moment are:

Fair scented tin candle - Caramel apple
$8.99 (13oz / 368.5g)

These are relatively hard to get your hands on in England as 'Green earth stores' is an American business, but i was lucky enough to have a relative to bring me this back, I LOVE IT!!! It has such a lovely sweet but tangy scent, but it isn't very wintery, oh well, it smells great! 
  I also love the tin it comes in, its very nice and looks good anywhere!

Yankee Jar candle - Christmas cupcake
 £6.29 (3.7oz / 104g)

This has a delightful scent of rich vanilla with an 'overtone' of butter cream icing. DELICIOUS. Remember, its not edible! :D  It is a simple fragrance but it is very nice and it suits the time of year. 

Yankee jar candle - Christmas Eve
£8.39 (3.7oz / 104g)

I haven't started to use this candle frequently yet as it isn't even December but i have tested it and it is VERY Christmassy. It's guaranteed that I will be using this candle on Christmas Eve because it is just so Christmassy. Just. So. Christmas. It smells of sugar plums and candied fruits with a sort of smoky-ish undertone that remines me of a fire burning in a fire-place on Christmas Eve. Overall it is such a sweet and cosy fragrance which I am going to be using loads over Christmas!

Jelly Belly candle - Very Cherry

Believe it or not this candle smells like cherry, it smells gorgeous and it is very sweet. I love the jar it comes in too, it looks like a sweet jar and the candle looks adorable pretty much anywhere. Most of the Jelly Belly candles smell amazing but I enjoy this one the most. 

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What do you think tomorrows winter favourite will be?


  1. Yankee candles are the BEST! I'm not a big fan of candles but I do love Yankee! I think I'm going to try out the Christmas Eve one :D

    1. I never used to use candles but now I'm loving them! And yeah i'd definitely recommend getting hold of Christmas Eve because its just so Christmassy!

      I think I'm going to be reviewing some more Yankee Candle products soon, so keep your eyes peeled for it

  2. Caramel apple! Nom! Very cherry! Nom! Christmas Cupcake! Nom!
    Nom! Nom! Nom!


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