Monday, 25 November 2013

My winter favourites: Day 1

It's now well into November and this post is WELL overdue, my Winter favourites!
  This will be put into daily segments due to the fact that i am very busy at the moment and I'm finding hard to post as much, but if I do miss day 2 or any other day of my favourites, feel free to spam me or remind me all you want ^_^ Well preferably not loads but you know what i mean xD

1. Woolly beanie hats 
  I love when it gets a bit colder because it gives me an excuse to wear all my woolly super comfy and cute hats, which i absolutely adore. I have so many I've lost count! They are so comfy to wear and they keep you ears so so so warm when its a cold winter day :D (And also if you're having a bad hair day, you can get away with it by wearing a hat) 
Here is my favourite woolly beanie at the moment :D
Womens Christmas Pudding Beanie
This an adorable hat which I couldn't resist buying when i popped into the peacocks store the other week. Its so Christmassy and I just LOVE it. I also can't wait to wear it at all the Christmas events happening where I live :D

I will try hard to get my next winter favourite post to you tomorrow, so stay tuned for that! But for now its good bye ^_^ 

What do you think tomorrows winter favourite will be?


  1. dats a cuuuttteeee hat! Is there a Peacocks in America?

    1. I know it is, I couldn't resist buying it ^_^ And i'm not actually sure if there is one or not, sorry! I'm sure that there are similar hats you could find if there isn't <3


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