Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A quick announcement !

If you don't already know, Sprinkle of Claire has spread to Twitter and Facebook, woo!
  My Twitter account:
  My Facebook page:

Go follow or like for updates and for a sprinkle of joy ^_^ Plus, if you like or follow ill send you your own invisible hedgehog! Come on, who doesn't want a hedgehog? ^_^

Also don't forget day 3 of my winter favourites week is being posted later today! What could it be this time?

-Sprinkle of Claire x


  1. Following your twitter! Don't really use facebook that much, do you have Tumblr?

    1. Yeah I do but it's not a Sprinkle of Claire tumblr, its just my regular Tumblr. I think I'll probably get round to making one a bit later on


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