Thursday, 2 January 2014

Lush Sale Haul

Lush always have lots of brilliant products and so was the first shop I went into, hunting for some brilliant sale prices.

Snow fairy sparkle bar - £2.50
Snow fairy sparkle bar is a super cute massage bar, and like every snow fairy product smells absolutely amazing! The scent of snow fairy reminds me of candy floss and pear drops with also quite a sweet fruity undertone, no wonder it's lush's most popular scents!

Massage bars from lush are designed to moisturize your skin and to help you relax, which is exactly what this bar does. It leaves your skin feeling so soft and moisturized and smelling simply great! I also love how lush have added glitter to it too!

Space girl bath bomb - £2.25
 This bath bomb wasn't on sale but as it was only £2.25, i bought it anyway. Space girl has a very sweet and fruity scent, (slightly like parma violets) and is one of my favourite bath bombs. In the bath bomb is popping candy which I think is amazing touch and it also turns the water a lovely purple/violet colour. 

Space girl is a very refreshing bath bomb but it is also very moisturizing and relaxing!

Creamy candy bubble bar - £2.50
When I went into the Lush store I found that 'candy mountain' was completely sold out and was told that this bubble bar had quite a similar scent. As it turns out, it does and is absolutely amazing! It makes the perfect amount of bubbles for a great bubble bath and also turns the bath a cute baby pink colour!

As it suggests in the name, this bubble bar is very creamy and leaves your skin feeling baby soft and hydrated.

Melting snowman - £1.15
This bath melt was an absolute bargain at £1.15 and i love it!

I have already reviewed this product on Sprinkle of Claire previously, so if you want to read what I thought of it just click here

Although I got all of those bargains I am still gutted that I didn't manage to get my hands on some Snow Fairy Shower Gel before it completely sold out! Oh well, there is always next year!

If you want me to do more reviews of items and products I purchased during the recent sales, don't forget to comment and share! 

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