Friday, 24 January 2014

Soap and Glory 'Hand Food' review

Hello my lovelies!

Is it just me or is it insanely difficult to find a good hand cream that actually works? They all either don't work at all or are way too greasy and smell absolutely disgusting!

However the searching was over for me when I was given Hand Food for Christmas.

At first I was worried Hand Food wouldn't live up to my expectations and turn out to be just another bad hand cream that I would chuck out after a few uses, but I was proved totally wrong. Infact I would say it's the best hand cream out there by far!

Even after just one application it leaves your hands feel soft, smooth and moisturised and it absorbs into your skin quickly, which for me is very useful. But don't worry, just because it's been absorbed doesn't mean the moisturised feeling stops, it stays for hours and hours!

A big selling point for me is that the cream is very thick and creamy, (I know it sounds strange that i'm calling a hand cream 'creamy' but you'd be suprised with how many aren't creamy at all!) And it also doesn't leave that oh so common greasy like feeling afterwards.

I can't really pin point what Hand Food exactly smells like but whatever it is, it smells gorgeous! The scent isn't too over powering or strong but stays on your hands for a good amount of time.

I love the packaging, its simple yet effective. The pinks, peaches and whites are really complimented by the grey borders and overall I think the colour scheme makes the product look super cute.

 I would  recommend buying a travel sized tube too so that you can pop it into your bag and use it whenever your hands are feeling rough and dry!

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