Saturday, 11 January 2014

What's in my bag - Back to school edition

Hello my lovelies!

The holidays are officially over and everyone is back to school, but have you got all of these school essentials in your bag? 

A make-up bag 
It's a great idea to put all of your makeup items into a make-up bag so if you have a make-up emergency you don't have to take ages struggling to find something at the bottom of your bag. My make-up bag is a Jack Wills makeup bag, unfortunately from what I can see they don't sell it anymore.

Hair brush
Its a great idea to have a hair brush in your bag because if you have just had PE or someone messed up your hair, you can quickly whip it out and sort out your hair. I personally use a tangle teezer for when at school but you can use any hair brush that you like.

Hair grips and ties
You always have that one lesson where you annoyingly have to tie your hair back for so it's advisable to have some ties and grips at hand all the time. You can also use grips and ties to quickly fix your hair!

If you ever have PE, always put on deodorant on afterwards. In short, you don't want to smell of BO, its not the nicest thing in the world. I use the Garnier 48 hour InvisiDry deodorant.

Chewing gum (or mints)
I know in a lot of schools chewing gum is banned, but its a great way to freshen your breath after lunch. What I always do is as soon as I get out of lunch I eat a mint or chew some chewing gum, and whenever I feel like I need to freshen my breath I will have one. Overall mints and chewing gum are just really handy for when at school!

Hand sanitiser 
Hand sanitiser is so much easier than having to use the really bad soap provided at school, you also don't need to spend 5 minutes trying to get your hands dry afterwards. I got lots of soap and glory for Christmas this year so the hand sanitiser in my bag at the moment is Soap and Glory Hand Maid.

Its always a good idea to have a packet of tissues in your bag or pocket at all times because its 90% likely that the class you are in doesn't have tissues! Its a nightmare when you have a runny nose etc. and you don't have any tissues and nobody else does, so why not bring them?

Face wipes
Always have a packet of face wipes in your bag, you don't use them very often but trust me, one day you will and they will be a God send. I have sensitive skin and tea tree face wipes are the only wipes that don't make my skin go red and patchy, so those are the wipes that I use.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
This is a product to go in your makeup bag and is useful to put on straight after PE so your face isn't overly shiny.

Collection last perfection concealer 
This is seriously the best concealer I have ever used and I would advise that you should all find some asap! I generally don't use this at school because it stays put all day, but again its always advisable to have some just incase.

Soap and Glory Mother Pucker Lip Gloss
This is actually a lip plumper but it has a lovely colour and is very subtle. I use this product every day at school and I just love it!

The Body Shop Born Lippy Fruit Balms
These are very moisturising and have a slight tint of colour. They're great if you get dry or chapped lips and they also smell amazing! My favourite is the Watermelon flavour.

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