Wednesday, 18 December 2013

10 ways to get in the Christmas spirit!

Are you not in the Christmas spirit? Are you feeling like a grinch? So why not try and do some of the things below to get you feeling christmasy!

1. Watch a Christmas movie
 It's December, and so it is guaranteed that there will be a Christmas film on the TV! And if there isn't, I'm sure you have at least one on DVD or Blue-ray! Christmas isn't Christmas without snuggling down on the sofa with a hot chocolate, blanket and film, so go and do it! My favourites to watch at Christmas are Elf, The Grinch and Love Actually!

2. Go Christmas shopping
  You can go out to town shopping or just stay in and go shopping for loved ones and friends on a computer! I prefer going out shopping because then you get to see the product in real life and don't get any nasty surprises when its delivered!

3.  Wrap presents
  It doesn't matter whether you're terrible at wrapping or are a wrapping pro, it's part of Christmas and wrapped presents look great under a tree! Try to be creative with your wrapping and even wrap it unusually so that the person receiving it can't guess what it is!

4. Bake cookies!
  Christmas cookies and biscuits! Everybody loves them, and they're fun to make and decorate, so why not get in you kitchen and bake some holiday themed cookies! You could make Christmas tree cookies and Santa cookies, anything you can think of you could make!

5. Eat chocolate
 Christmas is a time when you end up getting lots of chocolate from people, so why not eat it? It's yummy and makes you feel good!

6. Sing along to Christmas songs!
  It may sound embarrassing, but it sure does get you in the Christmas mood brilliantly! Have a jam to some of the Christmas songs on the TV or radio, dance around the room getting in the Christmas spirit!

7. Decorate your house
 Don't just decorate the tree, wind tinsel round banisters, hang a wreath on your door, decorate your fire-place! If your house is Christmasy, you'll begin to feel Christmasy! And while you're decorating, stick on those Christmas tunes!

8. Go to a Christmas event
 No matter where you live there is a Christmas event nearby, and so what better way to get in the spirit of things than going to one! I went to one close to where I live and I've been feeling Christmasy ever since! If you want to see what I got up to click here!

9. Write a letter to Santa
  It doesn't matter whether you believe in Santa or not, writing a letter to Santa or just a Christmas wish list helps to get you in the Christmas mood! I've wrote mine and if you haven't wrote yours yet, you better get to it seeing as there is only around a week til Christmas!

10. Write Christmas cards to friends!
  Its great when you get sent Christmas card from a friend and its also a great way of getting into the Christmas spirit! Don't just buy them either, get out the craft supplies and make them yourself! It gives you satisfaction and it also makes you feel Christmasy!

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