Sunday, 1 December 2013

Lush haul - Lets get festive!

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to meeeee, a lush haul and a shopping sppreee!
 Woo! It's Christmas time and what's better than getting in the Christmas mood with an amazing Christmas lush haul?

1. Melting snowman
   I'm hoping for a white Christmas this year so I can go and build snowmen in my garden, which is why I bought a couple of lushes adorable melting snowmen bath melts! The snowmen were the first product I picked up in store because I just couldn't resist them and I was instantly drawn to them! I even bought some for my friends as a small Christmas present because I think they are amazing! 

They are so cute and Christmassy and I just can't wait to use them when I have a relaxing bath, plus I love the design and they're also GREAT for your skin! They smell gorgeous and even the smell reminds me of Christmas! The snowmen are £2.25 each and if you want to buy them from the online lush store just click here 

2. Candy mountain
  Candy mountain is my favourite bubble bar from lush at the moment, it has a sweet vanilla scent and pink glitter is released from the bar when it is being used, so good! I would say that there is enough for about 3 bubble baths in one bar but usually I just use the whole thing, because I love bubbles, I love the pink shimmer and I love the smell, plus it leaves my bath smelling amazing! 

I like how it is modelled like a mountain and I think that the design and colour scheme look so good! I would recommend to all my friends because quite simply, its AMAZING! (As long as you don't mind have a little bit of pink shimmer on your bath afterwards!) If you want to buy Candy mountain from the online store just click here, its only £2.65!

3. Magic wand
 I actually saw this on one of my friend's recent blog posts 'Girly pamper evening' and thought that I should try it out. I am absolutely loving the design of it, it so cute! and the smell vaguely reminds me of candy floss or a sweet shop!

As you can see they are exactly what the name suggests, magic wands! I think that they are a great stocking filler and just look so good! They are such good value for money and I'm definitely going to be buying this product for myself again, (that is if i don't get some for Christmas ^_^) If you want to buy a magic wand from the online lush store for £4.95 just click here

4. Luxury lush pud
  I picked up the luxury lush pud for when I have a stressful day, it is a lavander bath bomb which turns the bath water a lovely purple colour! I'm not usually a massive fan of lavander because I feel it's too strong but I think there is just the right amount of lavander in it so that the smell is not over-whelming and also it leaves my skin silky smooth and subtly scented with lavander!

I am also loving the design! The top of it is similar to a Christmas pudding with holly on it and the rest is purple with colourful dots covering it! This is my favourite product for a pampering and relaxing night, i usually light candles when i use this bath bomb because it makes the effect even more calming! To purchase this amazing bath bomb, click here

5. Snow fairy shower gel
The last product I bought while I was in lush was a bottle of Snow fairy shower gel.  I don't usually purchase any shower products from lush, but I decided to change it up a bit and buy some Snow Fairy shower gel! It comes in 3 different amounts, 100ml, 250ml and 500ml, and i bought the 500ml bottle due to the fact that it works out to be the best value for money. It smells absolutely delightful and afterwards I can't help smelling myself, its just so good! The scent is quite similar to candy mountain, so candy floss and sweet shop, but it also has a hint of bubblegum, which just makes it irresistible!

The only downside of this product is it is only in stores for a limited time every year! So if you love it, you have to stock up so that you don't run out! To buy this amazing limited edition shower gel just click here! (100ml - £3.50, 250ml - £6.85, 500ml - £10.95)

As you can probably tell I love lush! And i think lush products are the best gifts for friends or relatives at Christmas so go and have a look on the website for presents for friends (and you!)
  Seeing as its the 1st of December, have you opened your advent calendar yet?

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  1. Siani Hollingsworth1 December 2013 at 16:07

    Lush is so nice! I think I'm going to buy candy mountain! And maybe the magic wand! Love it!

    1. Yeah, Definitely! You won't regret it! Plus they both smell amazing!

  2. Harriet Barnsley1 December 2013 at 16:43

    They all look good enough to eat :O nom!

    1. Haha! There's actually chocolate chips in the melting snowman! Don't eat them though, I wouldn't want anyone dying on me xD

  3. Lush is lush! :) great haul post! You should defo do more in the future!

  4. Jennifer Rueland3 December 2013 at 10:36

    Love it <3 Do more hauls soon please! Also could you do even more posts?

  5. Those snowmen look good enough to eat! NOM NOM NOM! Is their eyes chocolate chips O_o if so, can you eat them xD haha

    1. Yeah, their eyes are chocolate chips! I'd say that it would be best not to eat them! haha :)

  6. I love your blog. It's very constructive!

  7. Great, but check your spelling!
    It really is good though :)

    1. Thank you! And shhhh, we don't talk about the spelling :P But yeah i'll have a bit of a check through

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