Wednesday, 4 December 2013

I have a confession...

I have something to confess...
To all of you...
To you reading this...

I ate all of the chocolate out of my advent calendar! OK?
Please don't be mad! I'm sorry, it just looked too good! 

I am sorry and very disappointed with myself. It was too tempting, and I am a disgrace. 

I'm going to go and cry in the corner now because I will have no advent chocolate until next year. Gods sake Claire! Why do you do this to yourself?

I am interested to know whether any of you have done this previous years or have done it this year? Please leave a comment down below telling me! 


  1. Harriet Barnsley4 December 2013 at 14:50

    LOL! I ate all my chocolate out of my calendar last year! And the year before... And the year before that too....
    I AM NOT GOING TO THIS YEAR! I am going to stay strong, and resist the temptation!

  2. Jennifer Rueland5 December 2013 at 12:58

    Tut tut! Naughty naughty! :P ;)


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