Saturday, 21 December 2013

Five shops I can't live without

I do not buy from asos regularly, but when I do I absolutely love what I purchase. Asos is generally reasonably priced but some of the items on the website cost alot for what they are! I have been loving their Winter range and have bought a number of different clothes and accessories from them this season, plus there is a up to 50% off winter sale going on right now!

4. Primark
Everyone loves to have a quick pop in to Primark to see what they have in stock and only too often do i go to primark and come back with bags and bags full of clothes and accessories! It always has great prices and so many cute and stylish clothes and accessories! How could I not live without Primark?

3. New look
 New look is where I do lots of my clothes shopping, whether its for casual wear or party wear new look has it! They also have a up to 50% off sale at the moment, so go and ave a look on their wesite before it ends!

2. Boots
I generally get all my make-up and other beauty related products from boots because it is close to where I live and there is such a large selective of products to choose from. The price at boots is generally good and they always have some sort of offer on!

1. Lush
Lush is without a doubt my favourite store ever! I love pretty much everything that i have bought from them over the past year and Lush is absolutely perfect to give as a Christmas present for a friend or relative. What I also just love about lush is there gift boxes, they wrap them up so beautifully and with such care! Speaking of lush, I just got some Lush products delivered to my house the other day! Do you want me to do some reviews?

This is a continuation to the series 'Five ... I can't live without' which I started back in November, if you like this series please give it some love by commenting and sharing!

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